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Industrial Automation Company UK Based. We are an electrical panel manufacturer and we design all-in-one industrial automation for outstanding manufacturing performance

Industrial Automation Company

Phoenix Control Systems Limited was formed in 2005 by a group of engineers, who together have over 150 years of experience in the field of control systems engineering.

Our progressive approach and personal service form an essential foundation for building strong relationships with our clients, helping them to achieve their objectives within given financial constraints. 

Whether your needs are for an individual discipline or a full turnkey project, Phoenix offers a complete range of control system engineering services.  Besides this, we are an electrical panel manufacturer serving in the UK and globally.


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An industrial automation company in the UK serving globally.

Global systems integrator
UK control systems integrator

Phoenix provides turnkey design-engineer solutions for all industries across the board with a long history particularly in automotive and aerospace. Phoenix has been involved in controls and electrical solutions projects around the world including China, Russia, Europe and Mexico.

Electrical Control Panels

Control Panel Manufacturer

Phoenix can Design, Manufacture and Install Industrial control panels from single panel building through to full custom integrated systems. Likewise, we can also take on board update work on existing panels where it is necessary to increase production.

VOC Concentrator control systems

VOC Concentrator

VOC (volatile organic compound) Concentrators are designed to control VOC paint finishing, spray coating, composites, fiberglass, and coating applications for optimal production performance. Notably, we have many years of experience in these areas and can guide you through all stages of your project.

control system software

HMI / PLC Programming & Software Design

Phoenix can support all your projects providing you with engineers expert in PLC systems and HMI programming. Our long experience in this field leads to efficient and effective programming from the design stage through to commissioning and after-sales support. We are a global systems integrator.

scada control systems

SCADA Systems

Phoenix provides consultation, design, commissioning, testing, service and maintenance of SCADA system integration for all industries. Gather, control, monitor and process data in real-time

conveyor control systems

Conveyor Control Systems

We design floor and overhead conveyor electrical and controls systems to be used in a wide range of industries from industrial painting systems to small conveyors within the general industry, encompassing skid conveyors, chain conveyors and many other conveyor types.

electrical control panel for paint booth

Paint Booths

We can design and implement complete control systems for all types of paint spray applications encompassing both small and large projects all the way up to car manufacturing and aerospace. Likewise, we can fully cover the project with it’s electrical and controls needs for both robotic and non-robotic based automation.

Industrial HVAC Control systems

Industrial HVAC Control Systems

HVAC control systems are often used on factory plants, commercial or residential. Phoenix is a UK control panel manufacturer, and we supply quality HVAC control systems. We manufacture HVAC control systems tailored to the specifications of our customers. Phoenix has extensive knowledge and experience with HVCA control systems.

electrical control panels

Project Management

We assign a Project Manager to all our projects to ensure a clear line of communication from design through to commissioning.

We Can Assist You

Control System Engineering Solutions

Whether your needs are for an individual discipline or a full turnkey project, Phoenix offers a complete range of control system engineering services. 

We can deliver the complete control system solution from design and manufacture through to installation and commissioning.  Alternatively, we can offer our engineering expertise to complement your existing team. We are an industrial automation company in the UK serving around the world.
control system integration

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Why Choose Us?

All Control System Engineering Services In One Place

We assist the manufacturing industry with their electrical panel systems ranging from installation of power cables to design and installation of complete production lines. Similarly, we provide a turnkey solution from design to commissioning of single electrical control panels to complex control systems.

Our engineers are all fully trained to ensure they comply with all electrical regulations and safety procedures. Working under ISO9001, NICEIC, and SafeContractor regulations we can provide a first-class service to meet your time scales, quality standards, and budgets.

We manufacture PLC Control Panels for a wide variety of industrial applications using only high-quality components. All of our control panels comply with all UK regulations. We have the capability of supporting any PLC system that the customer requires.

  • General Power and Lighting Distribution
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Control Systems for Production Lines
  • Control Panel Design, Manufacture, Installation
  • Commissioning, Training
  • Electrical Testing & Inspection
  • PLC Design / upgrade / reprogramming
  • HMI Design / upgrade / reprogramming

Phoenix has supplied a number of services within the industry, from commissioning and electrical panel installation services including mains power distribution to PLC / SCADA systems for the operation of the process control. For example Aerospace, Marine, Aluminium, Plastic, Automotive, Food, Environmental, Robotics, and many others

Phoenix carries out all aspects of electrical contracting for industrial companies across the United Kingdom. Likewise, we provide a comprehensive range of expert services from design through to installation, maintenance, and testing not only during the commissioning but also after-sales support.

For example, we provide:

  • Quick and efficient response to our customers
  • Project Design Flexibility
  • Qualified & experienced electricians to carry out the installations

Main Benefits of Industrial Automation in the Manufacturing process

Automated systems are easy to incorporate into existing manufacturing process from complete turnkey automation solutions to hardware upgrades, software improvement, robot/plc programming, and control panels upgrades, listing just a few of them.

Automation solutions are customised based on the specific needs and objectives of the company.  Industrial Automation investment pays back quickly due to reducing the operating costs, lead times, and providing increases in production capability. 

Statistics show that it is becoming harder to find reliable employees and more importantly to keep them. In recent years, the need for manual labour is on the increase. 

Automated industrial systems have the potential for expanding their functions by enabling the manufacturer to produce parts that have formerly been outsourced to third parties, freeing up capital for new business opportunities.


Automation enables manufacturers to optimise the floor space of their current plant operations. Taking this into account,  robot manufacturers design robots to work within limited areas, and include in their design the ability to mount the robots on floors, walls, ceilings, and rails. 

Automating manufacturing plant allows the minimising of cycle times and cost-per-part while improving product quality, helping manufacturers to be more competitive. Also, another significant advantage is the facility to redeploy the robot in the future should production requirements change.

The optimisation of the industrial system and the manufacturing process reduces scrap and the use of energy, allowing not only savings in direct financial terms but also minimising the effects on the environment.

Automation & Robotic Systems Integration

We have a large portfolio of integration projects and installations of robot paint systems for many of the major car manufacturers. Besides this, we have also a long history in integrated robotic welding systems, robotic milling systems, robot palletising systems, and many other industry applications.
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