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Phoenix Control Systems Limited is a leading control system integration company based in the UK. The company was founded in 2005. The team of highly experienced engineers has over 150 years of combined experience in control systems engineering, which makes them well-equipped to tackle any challenge that comes their way. Consulting with a control system integrator company can save individuals and businesses time and money, making it a smart investment in the long run. By working with Phoenix, individuals and businesses can take advantage of their extensive knowledge of the automation market and tap into their expertise to achieve objectives more efficiently.

At Phoenix, they pride themselves on their multinational industry expertise and global operations. This means that no matter where customers are in the world, Phoenix can deliver the latest control systems technologies designed to help businesses thrive. The company provides a range of industrial electrical control systems and control panels to suit all applications. These applications cover a wide range of industries, including water and wastewater treatment, HVAC, building management systems, automotive, aluminium, food, marine, environmental, robotics, aerospace, among others. All custom-built panels that Phoenix offers are produced and tested on manufacturing premises in Liverpool.

The Robotics division of Phoenix supplies quality robot system integration and automation solutions to highly regulated industries and applications such as robotic milling, cutting, welding, material handling, trimming, among others.

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What do systems integrator companies do?

system integrator companies
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system integrator companies
system integrator companies
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System integrator companies create customized software, implement apps, design communication systems, and maintain them.

System integrator companies specialize in integrating different hardware and software components into a unified and functional system. Phoenix works with clients to design, implement, and manage complex systems that meet specific business needs. Moreover, we collaborate with multiple vendors to select and integrate the most suitable components and technologies for a particular project.

Therefore, as industrial system integrators, we play a crucial role in bridging the gap between various systems, ensuring their compatibility, interoperability, and seamless communication between different subsystems. We work on diverse projects ranging from IT infrastructure setups to industrial automation systems.

Phoenix has a wide range of expertise in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, food & beverage, aluminum, oil & gas, and more. What’s more, our services include consulting, system integration, testing, deployment, and support. Also, we provide managed services that involve ongoing maintenance and upgrades of the systems if necessary.

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Phoenix Control Systems Ltd. is a system integrator based in the UK. We focus on integrating automation technologies such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs), human-machine interfaces (HMIs), sensors, and robotics to create efficient and automated manufacturing or industrial processes. We provide multinational industry expertise and operations around the world.

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Our engineers are backed by UK regulations and have years of experience.

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We aim to provide the best option and reduce operating costs.

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Control Systems Integrators

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system integrator companies

Our System Integrator Solutions

Control Systems Integrators provide a range of services related to the design, implementation, and maintenance of control systems in various industries. Here’s an overview of the typical services offered by Control Systems Integrators:

System Design and Engineering

As part of our control system integration services, we design control systems based on client requirements. They create engineering specifications and system architecture diagrams to ensure that the system is well-defined.

PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) Programming

Phoenix creates customized PLC programs to monitor industrial processes, encompassing logic, sequence programming, and coordination. Learn more about PLC programming.

HMI (Human-Machine Interface) Design and Development

System Integrators create easy-to-use HMIs for control system interaction, with intuitive interfaces for monitoring, control, and troubleshooting.

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) Systems Integration

Control systems integrators connect SCADA systems to collect and display process data from PLCs and controllers for real-time monitoring and data acquisition.

DCS (Distributed Control System) Implementation

We create DCS solutions for complex process control. We integrate multiple controllers and subsystems to optimize overall control.

Industrial Networking

Integrators maintain industrial networks for secure communication between control devices, sensors and other items.

Motion Control Systems

Phoenix specializes in precise motion control systems for industrial processes, including robotics, conveyor systems, and other motion-centric applications.

Instrumentation and Sensor Integration

We set up and use sensors and instruments to measure process variables, then integrate the data for control purposes.

Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS)

We install safety systems such as emergency shutdown and interlocks to protect people, equipment, and the environment as control systems integrators.

Alarm Management

Phoenix installs alarm systems for quick issue detection and resolution. Proper alarm management is crucial for prompt operator notification of abnormal conditions.

System Optimization and Upgrades

We evaluate control systems, suggesting optimizations or upgrades such as newer technology or improved performance.

Commissioning and Testing

We test and commission control systems for functionality, performance, and validation as industrial integrators.

Training and Documentation

Control Systems Integrators provide training and documentation on control system use and troubleshooting.

Maintenance and Support

Phoenix provides maintenance and support for control systems.

Robotics Integration

We integrate robots for material handling, assembly, and inspection by programming them to work seamlessly with other machines on the factory floor.

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Selecting a control systems integrator with industry-specific experience, a solid track record, and expertise in the latest technologies is crucial for the success of control system projects. Additionally, it is essential to consider a focus on cybersecurity and adherence to relevant industry standards.

After-Sales Support

Our values as System Integrators

We provide end-to-end automation solutions, which include consultation, design, installation, testing, and maintenance. Furthermore, our team offers after-sales support to ensure the success of your business in the market.

Our Certifications

Phoenix is a certified contractor on the register of the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting.  Phoenix meets the requirements of the global ISO9001 Quality Management System standard and is certified accordingly.  Thus, we strive for continual improvement by auditing what we do, and the company refines its methods and practices through the ISO9001 standard. The certificate is assessed externally on an annual basis.

We consider this certificate to be a recognition of our high standards of Electrical Installation.  Moreover, following high standards gives our clients assurance that our installations and testing are carried out by competent and qualified electricians and engineers according to UK regulations.

System Integrator Company

Control System Integration Equipment

As one of the system integrator companies, our engineers are responsible for designing and integrating industrial control systems. This includes creating system layouts, among other tasks.

system integrator companies

Networked Control Systems

The use of Networked Control Systems (NCS) is becoming increasingly popular. It allows different parts of a system to be interconnected, making it highly efficient. NCS is user-friendly, and can be implemented in both small and large systems. It utilizes sensors, actuators, and control nodes, to ensure the proper functioning of the system. Additionally, it makes use of modern programming techniques and software, making it practical and cost-effective. Apart from low cost, NCS is also easy to maintain with several benefits.

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PLC Software

We are a leading provider of automation solutions, customized equipment, and industry standards. When you choose Phoenix, you can be confident that you are getting the best custom control system equipment. We offer tailored solutions for servo motion control, PLC programming, and matching hardware and software to meet your needs for PLC and HMI.

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Industrial Robots

Phoenix offers world-class robotic integration solutions. Our team provides support at every project phase, from consultation to final integration. We customize our design plan to meet your specific needs and business goals. We manufacture all parts to the highest standards, offering additional manufacturing application solutions. As a global systems integrator, we offer expertise and support regardless of the location. At Phoenix, you can trust in our dedication to delivering high-quality and reliable robotic integration solutions to take your business to new heights.

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Electrical Design

We guarantee that our electrical control panels and installations comply with UK regulations. Our commitment to excellence is shown through our adherence to standards such as ISO 9001, NICEIC, and CHAS, which guarantee our competence and professionalism. More importantly, these standards ensure that our clients' installations and tests are completed by qualified and competent electricians and engineers. Likewise, our experienced staff is skilled in the wiring of single or multiple electrical control panels.

control system integration

PLC Programming

When wiring an electrical control panel, it is important to consider possible future modifications. Therefore, adapting to a smart factory plant potentially requires more space for new components, whether it is for new automation or upgrades to the existing system. For example, upgrades in network connectivity, data monitoring, PLC/HMI systems, and maintenance may be necessary.

scada control systems

SCADA Software

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software is rapidly advancing, but some customers fail to recognize the potential benefits and cost savings. For instance, better HMI designs, event processors like generator starting, pump running, and conveyor stopping. Therefore, the event processing module endows end-users with a tool to have peace of mind even when they are away from their SCADA system. Phoenix collaborates with renowned and reputable companies to provide the best industrial components and user-friendly software to help customers maximize their return on investment.

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