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car paint shop

Automotive Bumper Paint

PROJECT OVERVIEW PLASTIC OMNIUM MEASHAM DERBYSHIRE – BUMPER AND PANEL PAINT PLANT Sales Value € 530,000Control Media Modicon TSX PremiumControl Gear Group SchneiderVariable Speed Drives

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Motoman Robots for Famming application

Bumper Paint Plant

DECOMA SYBEX BANBURY – PLASTICS PAINT PLANT ROBOT INTEGRATION Sales Value £ 130,000 Control Media Rockwell GuardLogix Networks Ethernet IP, RIO, ProfiNet Project Duration Sep’12

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Customised electrical control systems

Automotive Paint Shop

PROJECT REVIEW CAPSA (CHANGAN AUTOMOBILES and PSA) SHENZHEN CHINA – PAINT SHOP Sales Value € 3,750,000Control Media Allen Bradley 1756-L61Control Gear RockwellVariable Speed Drives PowerflexNetworks

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Industrial Automation & Electrical Control Systems
Car Manufacturing in the UK

Automotive Industry in the UK is built on reliability due to innovation. As a result, UK car manufacturing is at the cutting-edge engineering.

Britain’s is one of the biggest exporters of cars in the work and according to the UK’s International Trade says: “In 2019 the sector generated more than £100 billion in total trade for the third consecutive year, highlighting its role as a global trading powerhouse, and held the lead of exporter of goods”.

Cars brands originating in the UK still hold prestige around the world. Therefore, the leading manufacturer was the home brand Jaguar Land Rover, closely followed by Japanese automobile maker Nissan based on the automotive industry in the United Kingdom – statistics & facts –

Global light vehicle unit sales are expected to show recovery in 2021 (in m units)

Car manufacturing Sales Unit
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electrical control systems in automotive industry
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After such a dramatic decrease in sales volumes during 2020 due to the global pandemic, we believe that global light vehicle demand will rebound in 2021, potentially by 7% to 9%, depending on various industry forecasts. According to the Economic and Financial Analysis Division of ING Bank N.V. (“ING”).

  • Moody’s expects that under its base case economic scenario (G-20 GDP growth of 4.9%), global light vehicle unit sales will grow by 7.7% year-on-year in 2021 to 81.6mn
  • IHS Markit forecasts a 9% YoY gain in global auto sales in 2021 and
  • S&P projects 7-9% growth in global light vehicle sales this year (in its September 2020 note).

When to use Electrical Control Systems?

The automotive industry is one of the most sustainable in the world. Because of this, industrial automation has increased over years. Control Systems including the electrical control panels are a fundamental part of the manufacturing operation process.

Today, nearly every workstation in the assembly line manufacturing process in the automotive industry uses electrical control panels to have better control of the entire process. For example, body assembly, metal forming, stamping process, coating and car paint systems, and general assemblies.

An electrical panel is an interface that controls complex machinery and mechanical functions of industrial equipment.  Besides this, the electrical control panel allows users to monitor operations and intervene when it is necessary.

How does OEM benefits from Industrial Automation?

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) is also benefiting from automating their process. The suppliers must deliver a high-end quality product and components on time. This is where industrial automation plays its role. Specifically, control systems such as electrical panels, plc programming, and HMI/SCADA systems.

Electrical control panels ensure everything is under control in the production.

There must be a relationship between the OEMs vs Suppliers. The supply chain is a key factor in car manufacturing. Basically, it is the OEM that supplies car parts to the largest players on the market. From raw materials to more advanced solutions, all supply chains play an important role.

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