Factory Automation

We design and implement factory automation solutions that optimize production, increase efficiency, improve safety, reduce downtime, and cut maintenance costs. Our industrial automation services range from consultation to ongoing support. We work closely with clients to customize solutions for specific needs.

Phoenix Control Systems offers custom industrial automation solutions for various industries, as outlined below. With extensive experience in the field and a focus on meeting specific requirements, Phoenix is a trusted provider of turnkey designs and engineering solutions for the automotive and aerospace industries worldwide.

control system integration

HMI/PLC programming

Phoenix offers expert PLC and HMI programming for industrial automation, from design to after-sales support. Our experience delivers efficient and precise control systems.

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Conveyor Control Systems

Automated conveyor systems enhance manufacturing speed and efficiency, reduce labor costs and ensure precision, safety, cost savings, and improved material handling. Contact us for further information.

Factory automation

Robotic Automation Systems

Improve your productivity with our 24/7 robotic automation systems. Automate complex tasks with precision while reducing human error. Enhance your operational efficiency, contact us now.

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Paint Booths Systems

Invest in our quality paint booth control systems for safe and effective painting. Our components regulate the environment to protect workers from fumes and contaminants. Invest smartly in a safe system.

Factory automation

Industrial HVAC Systems

Phoenix offers custom HVAC control systems with sensors and PLCs for remote control and monitoring, ensuring proper temperature, air quality, and energy usage in industrial facilities.

Factory automation

Project Management

We manage control system projects from design to commissioning, ensuring timely delivery within budget. Our project manager coordinates every resource and ensures clear communication.


Control Panel Manufacturer

We offer custom control panels for all project sizes. Our team can improve existing panels for manufacturing and automation efficiency. Trust us for high-quality, tailored solutions.

scada control systems

SCADA Control Systems

Phoenix provides custom SCADA control systems that automate industrial processes by monitoring and adjusting them in real-time. Get in touch with us for SCADA assistance.

industrial control systems

VOC Concentrator Systems

Our reliable VOC concentrators system ensure expert support and compliance with strict safety and environmental regulations for paint and coating applications.

Electrical Engineers in Liverpool

Electrical Control Panels

Phoenix Control System’s main office is located in Oxford. We supply electrical control systems and electrical control panels all around the world.

Factory Automation Guidance

Our Factory Automation guidance provides insights on managing factory operations. Discover different equipment and implementation approaches, including robots, assembly lines, SCADA systems, sensors, and PLCs. By reading this, you will have a better understanding of how factory automation can benefit your business and how to implement these processes for maximum efficiency.

Most common types of factory automation equipment for production lines

There are various types of automation equipment; for example, robots, assembly lines, SCADA systems, sensors, and programmable logic controllers (PLCs). Choosing the right automation equipment for your production line can result in noteworthy enhancements in your overall operations. Moreover, this will help your business to stay competitive and efficient in the market

Assembly lines streamline production and increase output by efficiently moving products along workstations where workers and machines perform specific tasks until the final assembly.

SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) systems are designed to monitor processes and collect data from remote locations, allowing for more informed decision-making.

Demands for robots have increased recently, making them a versatile option for automating repetitive or dangerous tasks.

Sensors can detect changes within the production environment such as temperature, humidity, or the presence of foreign objects.

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) are a form of digital computer that can be programmed to automate specific tasks or control processes.


Benefits of factory automation and How can you implement these processes?

As a modern business owner, it is crucial to keep up with advancements in technology, especially when it comes to factory automation. With the help of automated processes and machinery, your business can benefit immensely. Efficiency and productivity are two of the main advantages of factory automation. Moreover, you can produce products faster and more accurately with the help of machinery, reducing the risk of human error and ultimately saving time and money.

However, implementing these processes can be daunting. It is essential to analyze your current production line to identify areas of improvement and decide where to invest in automation. You must also ensure that your staff is well-trained in operating and maintaining the machinery. But don’t worry, with the right resources and guidance, you can implement these processes for maximum efficiency. Therefore, the benefits of factory automation are undeniable, and it’s time to consider how it can benefit your business.

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Factory Automation Key Considerations

Industrial automation requires analyzing existing processes to identify areas where efficiency, productivity, and quality can be increased. Additionally, compatibility with existing equipment is crucial, and employee training is necessary to adopt new processes. A well-planned implementation can optimize operations and achieve business goals.

Furthermore, companies should consider the costs, impact on the workforce, reliability, and scalability. Upfront costs and the potential displacement of jobs must be weighed against cost-saving benefits. Additionally, future expansion or upgrades should also be evaluated. A thorough evaluation enables informed decision-making.

4 Things to Consider Before Automating Your Factory
  1. Capital and Operational costs vs. Productivity: In the automation journey, objectives must be clear to determine ROI while finding ways to balance the need for capital vs. operational costs against productivity improvements.
  2. Level of Automation: Deciding which tasks should be automated is a key consideration. Not all tasks & processes are suitable for automation, and any investment needs to bring about a tangible ROI.
  3. Adaptability: Having an adaptable automation system that can handle evolving demands, and changes in the manufacturing line creates longevity, flexibility and productivity.
  4. Integration: Ensuring automation systems can integrate with legacy systems, as well as cloud based systems is important. A more extensive automation system may require software integration to improve data capture and decision-making.

Quality Factory Automation Systems

We provide quality control and factory automation solutions, including designing, building, and installation. Furthermore, our experienced professionals work with your organization to develop a customized solution that streamlines operations, reduces errors, and enhances consistency.

In manufacturing and production, quality control is crucial. A quality control panel can make the process more efficient. Our company provides industrial automation solutions and can assist with designing and installing a tailored quality control system. Moreover, our experienced team works closely with you to develop a customized solution that streamlines your operations, improves consistency, and reduces errors and delays.

Also, by integrating all the quality control processes into one centralized panel, every aspect of the process is streamlined and efficient, resulting in high-quality products at a reduced cost.

Factory automation

Reliable Electrical Control Systems


Defining project specifications is crucial for planning and execution. It covers all aspects including functional design, testing, safety, coordination, financial forecasting, and customer liaison. Having a clear budget is vital to avoid any financial restraints that could hold back or delay the project. Let’s explore further.

Whether your needs are for an individual discipline or a full turnkey project, Phoenix offers a complete range of control system engineering services. Additionally, we can deliver the complete control system solution from design and manufacture through to installation and commissioning. Alternatively, we can offer our engineering expertise to complement your existing team.


  • Parts Acquisition Panel
  • Manufacturer Panel
  • Testing  Certification Delivery


  • Electrical Installation
  • Site Supervision
  • Network Installation


  • Electrical Drawings
  • Control Panel and Enclosure Layouts
  • Component Selection and Parts Lists
  • Cable Overviews and Schedules
  • Design Risk Assessments
  • Functional Design Specifications


  • PLC Software Visualization
  • Software (HMI/SCADA)
  • Networks Database Design & Configurations Bespoke
  • Software (VB/VC++/etc.)


  • Electrical Testing NICEIC
  • Certification Functionality & Performance Tests
  • Process Commissioning
  • Customer Acceptance Tests
  • Standby Support Off/On-site
  • Training Product
  • Documentation
  • Customer Support

Control Systems Design for Paint Booths

Car Manufacturing 

Bespoke Control Panels

electrical panel wiring

Reliable Factory Automation Systems

Reliable Factory Automation Systems are crucial in efficient and modern manufacturing. Choosing the right automation system tailored to company needs with factors such as the type of products produced, production volume, workforce skills, and budget, is essential. Properly implemented automation systems give manufacturers a competitive edge in the global marketplace. You can trust Phoenix for expert automation, improved efficiency, and a competitive edge.

Factory automation

We use unique, custom-built systems to deliver optimal industrial automation performance.

We build our panels, which means you can trust that the product you receive is of the highest quality. We use a rigorous quality control process to ensure that every single panel that we provide meets or exceeds industry standards. This guarantees our clients will be satisfied with the product they receive.

If you need a reliable and effective quality control panel, rest assured you have come to the right place. Please reach out to us today to discuss your requirements.

Phoenix can offer a comprehensive range of services that enable the upgrade of your production processes and get you back in operation as quickly as possible. As a system integrator for control systems, we ensure that you choose the appropriate system for your manufacturing process.

Our highly experienced staff at Phoenix provides the technical know-how and robust strategies for upgrading your industrial automation processes, enabling companies to produce quality goods at competitive prices.

Electrical Engineering Solutions

Phoenix specialises in integrating automation systems that seamlessly integrate with your existing production processes. Our services include control systems such as HMI/PLC programming, hardware upgrades, and control panel fabrication. Additionally, we offer turnkey robot cells, training, upgrades, and programming. Our experienced team is committed to ensuring the smooth running of your operations by using high-quality brands in the industry to provide expert integration services. Let us help make your automation dreams a reality.

At Phoenix, we understand that our commitment to our clients goes beyond the completion of a project. Our engineers are available to provide continuous support for system integration. If you have any technical inquiries or experience any issues, rest assured that we can guide you through a solution. In most cases, a simple phone conversation suffices. On rare occasions, a site visit may be required, in which case, we would be happy to schedule an appointment with one of our engineers. We take pride in our work and remain committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction, even after the project is completed.

Choose us for factory automation processes.

Choose us as your partner for industrial automation for a successful project outcome. Our experienced team has a proven track record in diverse industries, and we utilize the latest technology to provide effective solutions, valuable insights, and best practices. Furthermore, we are committed to providing ongoing support and maintenance for your project’s long-term success.

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