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We are one of the leading global system integrators based in the UK. We design, manufacture, and implement industrial controls and automation systems.

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Looking for career opportunities that align with your goals?

Controls and Automation Engineer

We require a Controls and Automation Engineer based in the Birmingham area. Although if training is required it may take place in Liverpool. 

  • Must be prepared to work away from home at times, on customer sites.
  •  The role will involve PLC/HMI software design and commissioning.
  •  Project work can be based in the automotive, aerospace and environmental industries amongst others.
  •  Graduates and those looking to train in this area are welcome to apply.
  • Salary will be based on experience. 
    • From £20,000 to £35,000 per annum Car allowance of £10,000 per annum

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Job Careers

Phoenix Control Systems, based in Oxfordshire and Liverpool, specialises in industrial automation and is seeking talented and ambitious individuals. We believe in recognising hard work and providing a challenging and rewarding environment for employees to achieve their goals. If you are looking for a dynamic team and exciting career path, please contact us.

No agencies, please! 

Our Main Steps

What can we do for you?


Quoting and Design

For successful execution, the quoting and design stage in projects is crucial. Therefore, it involves gathering and analyzing requirements, creating a concrete plan in close collaboration with the client, and creating visuals and mockups to understand the end product. Moreover, functionality, aesthetics, and user experience are considered in the design phase.


Commissioning & Training

Commissioning and training are crucial for project success. It involves testing, validating, and training personnel to operate and maintain the system or process. Moreover, this stage resolves issues, prepares stakeholders, and ensures that all components function correctly. Therefore, our engineers will be on hand to advise and coordinate all aspects of the installation.


After-Sales Support

Phoenix offers after-sales support to ensure customer satisfaction. Additionally, our team provides technical assistance and updates to resolve issues promptly. Our commitment to meeting your needs extends beyond project completion. Furthermore, we believe in building lasting partnerships based on trust and exceptional after-sales support to maximize your investment.

Global System Integrators - FAQ

Global System Integrators streamline business operations by integrating various technologies, software, and systems. With expertise in hardware, software, cybersecurity, and network infrastructure, they improve the bottom line. We offer an FAQ on hiring a System Integrator and can assist with more information on the subject.

control system integration
What are System Integrators?

System integrators bring together different technologies and software applications to form a unified system. Therefore, they play a critical role in manufacturing, transportation, and telecommunications industries by ensuring that complex technology infrastructures work seamlessly and efficiently. Moreover, their extensive knowledge and experience can help organizations improve performance, reduce costs, and boost productivity.

Companies that need to integrate various systems and technologies into a single, cohesive network benefit significantly from partnering with system integrators. System integrators are essential partners in integrating different systems and technologies, making them crucial assets to these companies.

What do global system integrators do?

Global system integrators typically work on large and complex projects that require integrating different systems, technologies, and processes across various geographical locations. They help clients achieve seamless operations, improved efficiency, and cost optimization through expert planning, implementation, and support.

Phoenix is a reliable system integrator with technical expertise in combining hardware and software components to create efficient systems. Moreover, our professionals excel in different programming languages, network architecture, and database management systems. Therefore, we work on automation, IT, communication, and control systems to meet clients’ unique needs. Our commitment to quality ensures manufacturers can increase productivity and optimize resource utilization. We collaborate closely with our clients from the assessment to the implementation stage to ensure the successful completion of complex projects.

How do I choose a global system integrator?

“When selecting a global system integrator, consider their experience, industry expertise, project portfolio, and track record of successful delivery. Look for companies that offer end-to-end services, customized solutions, and strong support capabilities. Additionally, ensure that the integrator is familiar with the local regulations and cultural nuances of the regions where your operations are based.

Before contacting a system integrator, research your goals, current systems, and potential obstacles. Furthermore, evaluate the integrator’s experience, existing technology compatibility, stakeholder alignment, budget, and timeline. Making informed decisions can help ensure a successful integration project.”

system integrators

You can rely on us as your system integrator

Phoenix is a UK-based industrial automation company that specialises in creating custom-built cabinets, from single electrical panels to complex integrated systems such as HMI, PLC, conveyor control systems,  programming, and SCADA. We deliver reliable, efficient results with exceptional quality and performance. Additionally, we work hand-in-hand with you to build your future. Our experienced team can handle even the most complex integration projects, using the latest technology and best practices available.

Our reputation as a skilled system integrator is reflected in our record of successful projects and satisfied clients. You can trust us to provide dependable system integration services every time.

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Certified Experts

Whether you’re looking for expert consulting or need a full-service certification partner, we’ve got you covered.

Quality Services

We understand customer expectations, perceptions, and areas for improvement, as well as track your future needs.

Affordable Pricing

We offer competitive prices for our products. We understand the manufacturing costs incurred in production.

Global System Integrators

Systems Integrator Specialising in Automation. Custom Solutions. Software  Integration Services. Improve Business Efficiency By Integrating Your Systems.

Expert Consulting

  • Consultancy
  • Route to compliance
  • Testing
  • On-site inspections
  • Design Review
  • Technical File Review
  • Testing & Inspection

  • On-site inspections
  • Compliance
  • Global network inspection
  • Drafting Manuals
  • Engineering Review

  • Design Review
  • Co-engineering
  • Consultancy
  • Review of existing
  • Risk Assessment
  • Technical Records

  • Conformity assessment processes
  • User Information
  • Risk Assessment
  • Technical schemes
  • Electrical Drawings
  • Checklists
  • Product labelling
  • Procedure assessment & Execution

  • Technical File Checklist
  • Set up test procedure
  • Product Testing
  • Training
  • Product Compliance

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    Unit 4 Spectrum Court, Edwards Lane, Liverpool, Merseyside, L24 9HW

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