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HVAC Control Systems are a key factor for health and safety environments, as well as saving time and costs on company operations. We are UK manufacturer HVAC Control Panels 

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We are UK electrical panel manufacturer serving globally

Manufacturing processes can generate intense heat, sometimes in excess, can be exhausted for workers. As a result, workers would not be efficient and safely work in. Because of this, industrial HVAC systems are essential to control and monitor indoor environmental factors, as well as save time and costs. Thus, Phoenix provides HVAC control panels for industries of all sizes and services.

What isl HVAC Control Systems?

What does HVAC stand for?

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and air conditioning. So, HVAC control systems manage or monitor the equipment to control the environment such as humidity and temperature; control cooling and heating to maintain desired levels.

HVAC Controllers

HVAC controllers include IO.  Thus, receive inputs from sensors, and thermostats and send the output to HVAC control systems.  It consists of a digital front panel with a menu and includes components such as knobs and switches for easy control. However, large businesses may require HVAC controls that come with a programmable logic controller (PLC), Human Machine Interface (HMI) software or provide supervisory data acquisition and control (SCADA) functionality. Consult with your system integrator.

HVAC control systems are often used on factory plants, commercial or residential. Phoenix is a UK control panel manufacturer, and we supply quality HVAC control systems.

Building Automation Systems

In some cases, HVAC control panels are an integral part of large systems known as building automation or energy management system. Consequently, HVAC control panels are often equipment included in building automation systems.

The main benefit to managing HVAC systems is saving energy. For example, if the equipment is running hard to heat or cool an area that no one is in, or manually adjusting complicated airflow systems which become a full-time job. It can be tedious and expensive to run.

However, by using the communication protocol, two devices can communicate and share data with each other. It can be possible when using HVAC control systems.

Bespoke HAVC Control Panels

Phoenix is an HVAC control panel manufacturer, and we know that every company has its own needs. For this reason, we customised HVAC electrical control panels based on the size of the company, numbers of staff and heat generated by machinery.

We take all these factors into account to manufacture a factory HVAC control system tailored to the specifications of our customers. Besides this, Phoenix has extensive knowledge and experience with HVCA control systems and electrical control manufacturers.

10 Benefits of a tailored HVAC Control System

HVAC control systems are an important factor for health and safety environments, as well as saving time and costs on company operations.

HVAC control systems
  1. Reduce utility costs & save energy
  2. Eliminate heat from manufacturing operation processes
  3. Clean and fresh air available for better distribution
  4. Comfortable working environments
  5. Recycles heat of all working areas
  6. Maintain temperatures at desired levels
  7. Increased productivity
  8. Save time and money by equalizing temperatures 
  9. Safety working environment
  10. Monitor indoor environmental factors

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Electrical Panel Engineering Solutions

We manufacture PLC Control Panels and electrical panels for a wide variety of manufacturing applications using only high-quality components. All of our industrial control panels comply with UK regulations and are supplied with CE Conformity and were installed with the NICEIC test certificates. Similarly, Phoenix has the capability of supporting any PLC system and SCADA system that the customer needs.

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From simple to complex manufacturing automation. Well-design electrical panels would control the speed of the conveyor and even would be able to monitor the production.
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Phoenix can upgrades your actual control systems allowing more capabilities to the manufacturing process. For example, Car Manufacturing, plastic industry, aluminium just to mention a few.
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